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Hey guys!
I have received another two pairs of circle lenses to review, but because of college and moving and all of that it's been really difficult to do it!
However, they were shipped super quickly as usual (I received them in about two weeks?) and Klenspop were super fast to reply and very patient and kind ♡ Thank you so much!
Also, I'm sorry if the quality of the pictures isn't as good as in the previous reviews. I'm sure the next one will be better! But because of having to make them quickly and not being used to the light of my new room, the photos just didn't come out as good as I wanted them to.

All right, they arrived safely packed in a lot of bubble wrap. They also came with a small paper where you can see the instructions on how to put on and care for your lenses, which are very helpful if you're wearing them for the first time! 
In the back of the actual box of lenses you will find the same instructions, in case of losing the paper.

 So, now for the reviews!
I actually did two different reviews in two different days, but I decided to make only one post just because it's easier and I don't need to be repeating myself.


Inside the lenses' box there was a pair of tweezers, a case for the lenses and, of course, the lenses.

I was a bit hesitant once I saw the lenses' design, because I thought they would look weird on my eyes... I was wrong!

Diameter: 14.5mm
Using Period: 6 months
Water Content: 38%

Enlargement: 5/5
If you have tiny eyes like myself, the enlargement is VERY clear! It does enlarge your eyes a lot, and make them really dolly! 14.5mm isn't that much, so if you have big eyes already I don't know if the effect would be the same.
However, they give you a really dolly look, which you should know by now I ADORE! I just feel so cute wearing them!
(Last picture was taken with flash)

Color: 4.5/5
If you're looking for grey circle lenses, this is probably not your best choice. However  was actually looking for purple circle lenses so I was super happy once I tried these ones because they LOOK purple! The color is vibrant but not overly unnatural.
I actually wore them for my Touka cosplay at London MCM this weekend so I'll post a selfie bellow!

Comfort: 5/5
I'm almost sure these are the most comfortable lenses I ever had. They are just so easy to put on - I use to take my time, but with these I take about 5 seconds - and are soooo comfy! I wore these for about 10 hours straight (I know I shouldn't, but I had to) and they didn't hurt me at all, although they did make my eyes tired (obviously). The Bunny series are amazing in terms of comfort, they never cease to amaze me!

These lenses are amazing! They are one of my favorite pairs, and I wear them for both cosplay and just going out with friends. They look amazing in close-ups since they have so many colors and fit my dark eyes so nicely!
I would completely recommend them if you're looking for big lenses with a purple-ish color! 

You can get these lenses here for only $18.00! 


 Again, I found my pair of tweezers, circle lenses and case inside the lenses box. 

My first impression of the lenses was that they were very vibrant and small!
Also, when I made the review I was attempting a costest of a male character which doesn't fit me at all, so let's just pretend I was trying to look like a little boy...


Diameter: 14mm
Using Period: 6 months
Water Content: 38%


Enlargement: 2/5
These lenses barely enlarge my eyes at all since the Graphic DIA (the actually coloured part) is just 13.1mm. I actually wanted these lenses because they are great for cosplaying male characters - I'm planning on wearing them for Mello! - because they usually have smaller eyes. Since I have a very round face, I usually still look really girly, so if you have the same problem these are great for you!
(Last picture was taken with flash)

Color: 4/5
The lenses are super vibrant and you'll be able to see the blue even with poor light. They look really good on my dark eyes but I'm not sure if they'd look as great on lighter ones.
The design isn't very natural, so these would be more appropriate if you're looking for an unnatural look. Despite that, I really like the black line on the border of the lenses since they make your eyes pop a lot!

Comfort: 3.5/5
These aren't as comfortable as I expected. They were a bit harder to put on and after a while they made my eyes a little dry, but they didn't really hurt me or anything like that. I do also have really sensitive eyes so if you do too, you should be careful!

I would completely recommend these lenses if you're gonna cosplay a character with smaller blue eyes. I am looking forward to wear them to cosplay! They are really pretty and great for an anime-like look. I love them!

You can get these lenses here for only 15$!!

  ♡ That's all! See you next time! ♡

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