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MakeUp Revolution Lipsticks - Review

Hey guys!
I got my order from Maquillalia today and I couldn’t be more excited!
Maquillalia is a make-up reseller from Spain. They feature make-up brands such as Essence, MakeUp Revolution, NYX, Wet N Wild, Catrice and a lot more. I ordered five lipsticks from MakeUp Revolution, which I wanted for sooo long, but the shipping was too expensive for my country from their original site. If you live in Portugal like myself I’d definetely recommend this reseller!


Everything arrived in just two business days and safely packed. They also were kind to send me two tea samples!

The lipsticks were so gorgeous I just couldn’t wait to try them on. So I decided to make this review, only because I really liked them! This review wasn’t sponsored either.

   This lipstick was a surprise! Although the color didn’t pop as much as it would if I had covered my lips with foundation or powder before, it’s still a really unique and classy color. It’s also really smooth and even though I was afraid I wouldn’t, I really liked it!



 This one is just amazing. The color is so fun and vibrant. I don’t usually wear colorful clothes or anything and I feel like this can really give a “boring” look a twist!


 I was so excited for this lipstick. I’m a sucker for red lipsticks and red is pretty much the only color I wear apart from gray and black. It’s a bit darker than the photos show and I love that! It actually a bit more creamy than I’d like, so I’ll probably just put a bit of powder over it, to make it more matte.

  This one might be my favorite. The color is absolutely gorgeous, not too pink, and it has a beautiful matte effect without drying out my lips, which is usually a problem when it comes to liquid lipsticks. I completely fell in love with this one!

 This liquid lipstick wasn’t as smooth as the pink one, and it made my lips a bit dry. However I love the color and effect! It stuck to my lips without any primer or base and it was actually hard to take off, which is good if you want it to last all day long!



I had heard a lot about this brand and I was pleasantly surprised. The lipsticks were all great quality and the price was super cheap!  I absolutely loved them and will definitely buy from them again!

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