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Hi guys!
This will be the review of the second pair of lenses I recently got, along with ELLEN PANDA X10 AQUA, from Klenspop! I have to thank them for their kindness and patience, it took me a while to do this 'cause my PC is having problems..

As I said in my previous post, everything arrived safely packed with bubble wrap and a note with instructions on how to put on and care for your circle lenses.

The new boxes' design is so much cooler than the other one and I just love how colorful it is! 
Inside each box you’ll find a pair of tweezers, a case and, of course, the circle lenses.


At first I thought this design was quite simple, but I was so happy to see how pink they are!


Diameter: 15 mm
Graphic DIA: 14.8mm
Using Period: 6 month
Water Content: 38%


Enlargement: 5/5

These make my -very small- eyes so much bigger! I love how enlarging and dolly they look, since I LOVE dolly lenses! The black line around them make them pop a lot too!
(Didn't include a picture with flash bc it looked the same)

Color: 5/5
These lenses are soooo pink! They're really opaque, which isn't that nice if you're looking for natural looking lenses but they are great for cosplay! That's why I used them for my Jinx costest - even though they're a bit light for her. I also love the hint of yellow in the middle!


 Comfort: 5/5
One of the comfiest pairs I ever got! They were super easy to put on and, despite the size, didn't hurt or make my eyes dry or tired! I'm really happy because this kind of lenses usually aren't that comfortable, but they actually fit my eyes better than the Bunny series!


I'm completely in love with these! I really feel like cosplaying someone with pink eyes because they look so great in the eyes and I just wanna show them off! I would completely recommend them if you're looking for cosplay lenses!

 You can get these lenses here for ONLY 7$!! Hurry up before the sales end!


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