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Hey guys!
Today I’ll be reviewing another costume!
This one is from JM Cosplay, an Aliexpress store!
I’ve been shopping from Aliexpress since forever now and I was so happy to find this store! They’re super fast to reply and very easy to talk to. Their English isn’t the best but it’s still not hard to understand. I know this website might make some people uneasy – but this store is really trustworthy!

This costume is my Daenerys one, and this is how it looked in the store! The one I got was custom made to my measurements!

This is how it arrived! It came safely packed and the costume itself was inside two plastic bags!

It included a little gift and a really nice note! I thought this was a super sweet touch!

The costume includes the “dress” and the cape, so I’ll go through both of them!

The “dress” part – I’m not sure how to call it – was a bit too large for me, but I had it adjusted after I made this review, so that’s why I don’t have many photos with it on. The fabric is not the best but it’s comfortable and light, so you could wear it in hot weather with little issue!

The color is bright and I really like it! I wish the dress was a bit thicker, since it’s made of only one layer of fabric. It also doesn’t have the amount of detail that Daenery’s dress has, but that completely corresponds to the store pictures!

It includes a zipper on the side which I wish was blue, since it is white, but it doesn’t bother me that much!

The cape is the same fabric as the dress, expect it’s thicker since it’s properly lined, just as Daenery’s! I really love the cape, it’s very well made and it closes in the front with a piece of velcro.

The cape is a lot warmer than the dress for obvious reasons, but you can always take it off and it’s nice for the winter!

Overall I’m very happy with this costume! I feel like the quality really corresponds to the price and it looks great!
The experience with JM Cosplay was great and I fully trust and recommend their store!

You can get this costume here! And if you include the code “TITANIA” in the comment box with any purchase you’ll get a discount as well!

Thanks for reading!

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