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Hey guys!
I’m so sorry for my absence! I faced some personal troubles and stopped having time for reviews for a while. But now I’m back and this review is for Momoko Lens!

These lenses took forever to arrive only because they got held up in customs. As usual! However, if they hadn’t, they would have arrived in around three weeks, I believe.

DIA: 14.5 mm
Using Period: 1 month
Water Content: 55

I had some troubles with these lenses’ design as it’s very odd and only really wearable for specific looks, such as Halloween ones. But they’re still very interesting!

Enlargement: 4/5
These enlarge my eyes quite a lot, even if the bright color and design doesn’t really give out a “big eye” illusion. 
(Last picture was taken with flash)

Color: 4/5
While the color is incredibly vibrant and bright, it’s got a lot of variations due to the actual design of the lenses. It’s anything BUT natural, and if that’s the look you’re going for, they’re stunning!


Comfort: 3.5/5
They did dry my eyes up and it was quite hard to get them in the first time. After a while I got used to them but it’s something to look out for if you have sensitive eyes like me.

I think these lenses would be super fun to wear with creepy make-up look or for Halloween related events! They might also be great for cosplaying characters with “zombie-like” eyes or bright yellow ones. They’re a really fun pair and I would completely recommend Momoko Lens!

You can get these lenses here! Use my code 'TITANIA' to get a discount!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Wow, super interesting and vibrant lenses! :D I love how bright they are! Thanks for reviewing, I found a new lens store to check out~ 

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