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Hey guys!
I recently got two more pairs of lenses from Klenspop! I’ll be reviewing them separately since I’ve been busy lately.
Klenspop is always super kind and quick to reply to your messages! I’m honestly so glad I found their store!

As always, everything arrived safely packed with bubble wrap and a note with instructions on how to put on and care for your circle lenses.

I just love this new box design, it’s so cute and colorful! Inside each box you’ll find a pair of tweezers, a case and, of course, the circle lenses.

I thought the design was so interesting, although it might look a bit weird at first. I just couldn’t wait to try them out!

Diameter: 14.5 mm
Graphic DIA: 13.2mm
Using Period: 6 month
Water Content: 38


Enlargement: 3.5/5
My eyes are really small so they do make them a little bigger, however I don’t think they would alter anyone’s regular sized eyes. They did make mine pop in a lighter way, which I really love, since I love wearing natural lenses on my daily life!

Color: 3.5/5
The color doesn’t look very vibrant on my dark eyes and isn’t as blue as I thought it would be. As I said before, these are really natural lenses, so if you’re looking for just a hint of blue they might fit you! What I really love about them is the brown part in the middle that really ties together with my natural color!

Comfort: 5/5
I put them on in like 10 seconds, which is really great because it usually takes me a long time! After that I didn’t feel them at all in my eyes. I could wear them for hours without getting dry eyes!

I really like these! The design is really pretty and I’m looking forward to wearing them! They really had a fun twist to a everyday look!

You can get these lenses here for only 18$!

That’s it! Till the next time! ~

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