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So, first of all, this is my first review and Klenspop was the first shop to sponsor me. They were incredibly kind, friendly and fast to reply, so my experience with them was wonderful!
I received these lenses super quickly and they were safely packed in a small box with lots of bubble wrap.
The actual lenses box came with a paper with instructions on how to put them on, which were also on the back of the box. These were a happy surprise because it's really helpful if you're ordering lenses for the first time!

Inside the box I found the lenses, a case and a pair of tweezers. Once again, super helpful if you don't have one already! I always use them to hold my lenses since I have a tendency for dropping things...

So, here you can see the actual lenses. I found the design of them super light and pretty! 

Diameter: 14.5mm
Using Period: 6 months
Water Content: 38%
 (I apologize for my half-chubby face, my mouth was a big swollen in one side ;;)

Enlargement: 3/5

I found the lenses perfect for a more natural look or just not a dolly one. They made my eyes a little bigger, but not a lot, so the enlargement doesn't look as "fake" as dolly-like lenses. 

 Color: 5/5
The color is also very natural and it doesn't "stand out" as much as my other lenses which I bought for cosplay. However they do make my dark brown eyes more interesting and pretty. I also loved how the light brown part in the center of the lenses meets my actual eyes, giving them a really cool color!

Comfort: 4/5
If you have sensitive and dry eyes, like myself, you'd want to be careful when wearing these lenses. The water content is not very high so you can find yourself feeling a bit of uncomfort. However, a couple of drops of saline solution OR the actual lenses solution should help you with that.
They were very easy to put on, and I usually struggle with that part a lot. They also didn't make me cry like some lenses do after I put them on. 


I totally recommend and would buy these lenses! You can use them for a heavy look or with just some light make-up, because they don't look unnatural at all. You could use them for cosplay or to go out. They pretty much would look good with any look!


You can get these lenses here for only 9.50$!! You can also get a lot more beautiful lenses at, and you should hurry 'cause they are having awesome sales!

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