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Another review for Klenspop!
Again, the lenses arrived pretty fast (in about two weeks or so?) and nicely packed with a lot of bubble wrap. I received two pairs and will be reviewing them separately so that this post doesn't get too long!

 The box of lenses itself came with instructions on how to put them on. You can also find them in the back of the box and it's really cool if you don't have much experience on putting on lenses!

With the lenses you will get a pair of tweezers and a case to store them. I love these cases because you can see through them, so you always know where your lenses are and you don't have to open all your cases to find them as I always do...

These lenses are super light and pretty! I'm gonna post different photos through the review so you can see them in different lights!

Diameter: 14.8mm
Using Period: 6 months
Water Content: 38%

 Enlargement: 5/5
If you're looking for a dolly look, these are perfect! They made my eyes look so much bigger and I just love it! They would also look amazing for any character with green eyes, if you want to use them for cosplay! I actually thought of Grell the moment I saw them!
(The third picture was taken with flash.)
  Color: 4/5
I love green lenses! I think these particularly would look amazing with hazel eyes, because they have this light color in the center. However I liked how they looked on my dark brown eyes! I also love lenses who have that thick black contour to them, I personally find them so cute!


Comfort: 5/5
These are definitely one of my most comfortable pairs. They were super easy to put on and I didn't even feel them on my eyes. I didn't have to put any lens solution in them either, and I always have to, so I'm super pleased with this! My eyes are really sensitive so I'm used to crying or hurting when putting on new lenses, and these were a happy surprise!

If you're looking for green lenses for a dolly look or for cosplay, I recommend these 100%. You can wear them with a lot of makeup or just a thin trace of eyeliner, because they would look pretty either way! I totally fell in love with them!

I also want to mention again that Klenspop were super kind, friendly and sweet to me. I'm so glad I found them! If you have a question you can e-mail them and they will reply very fast! They usually take just one business day to message me back!

You can get these lenses here for only 9.50$!! Klenspop are also still having sales, so you should check out their other beautiful lenses!

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