domingo, 17 de abril de 2016


I just received my lenses last week and I couldn't be happier!
Klenspop are always really kind and quick to respond! They have one of the best custommer services I have ever used!


 This time they didn't come in a box due to shipping fees, I'm assuming, but they arrived safely packed with bubble wrap on this envelope! 


 I already had a pair of lenses similar to this one but they expired so I was super happy to get these!

DIA: 15mm
Graphic DIA: 14.8mm
Using Period: 6 month
Water Content: 38%

Enlargement: 5/5
They are soooo enlarging for my very tiny iris! I completely adore them, since you probably already know I'm obsessed with dolly looks!

(Last picture was taken with flash)

Color: 5/5
 They are super vibrant and the color shows even in the crappiest light! Also since they the center part is so big and they have a thick dark line around them, they look a lot like "anime eyes"!


Comfort: 4.5/5 
A bit harder to put on but still soooo comfortable! 
Didn't dry out my eyes or anything like that! 

If you're looking for a dolly look THESE ARE THE ONES! I absolutely love these lenses and will be abusing them until they expire! They are amazing for cosplay as well! And I'll be wearing them for that veryyyyy soon! 

You can get these lenses here for only 15$!!


I got these lenses for my Shima cosplay because I loved the color! I need to do a new costest one I style the wig so this is it for now!


DIA: 14mm
Graphic DIA: 13.4mm
Using Period: 6 month
Water Content: 38%

Enlargement: 3/5
 The enlargement is very natural and exactly what I wanted! I have very small eyes, so if you have bigger ones you should consider that. However these are perfect for a natural look or to cosplay male characters!

 (Last picture was taken with flash)

 Color: 4/5
It's so hard to find brown lenses that actually LOOK brown on my eyes! They are very dark so usually they just look black. I'm very happy with the slight and natural brown that you can see!


Comfort: 5/5
They're super comfy! Didn't feel them on my eyes at all. I wore them for about three hours and my eyes didn't even feel dry! 

I love these lenses! I will totally wear them for my Shima cosplay and for just natural looks when going out!
I would definetely recommend these, especially if you have sensitive eyes like me, cuz they are so comfy!

You can get these lenses here for only 15$!!

That's it guys! See ya soon! 

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