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Hey guys!
 Today I'll be reviewing a wig I got from the JCPUNK store on Ebay!

 These are the official pictures on Ebay. 
This wig is meant for Yoichi Saotome from the anime Seraph of The End, but I will be using it for my Anna cosplay from When Marnie Was There


 The wig arrived in roughly three weeks and came pretty well packed. A wig cap was also included, which is always nice! 

The only down side to the package was that the wig came inside out. I really don't like when they're like this because most times the wig turns out in a weird shape when in the right position. This wasn't really a problem this time though! 

 Here are a couple of photos of it right out of the package. The color is soo cute and as you can see there's so much hair!



Comfort: 5/5
  This wig is pretty big and adjustable to your head size so it doesn't bother me at all (and I do have a big head!) It doesn't itch either! I usually have a lot of problems with wigs but I wore this one for quite some time and it was completely fine!

Color: 5/5
Exactly what I was looking for! Really warm, natural color, this wig could easily be mistaken for real hair! Even with artificial light, there's barely any shine to it!
(Artificial light)
(Natural light)

Quality: 4/5
This wig had a LOT of hair and is amazing if you're looking for something to style! However it does have a lot of volume as well so if you're looking for something more natural, like I am, you have to style it a different way.
However the fibers are, obviously, heat resistant and they're also very natural! They feel closer to natural hair than to a wig! 

 I couldn't be happier with this wig! It's exactly what I wanted for my Anna cosplay and I 100% recommend it!
It's important to mention that JCPUNK are super fast to reply and really nice! I can't wait to order from them again!

You can find this wig here
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