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Hey guys!
This is my review for the lenses I got with my Kawaii Box from BoxaBoza!
If you haven't seen the review for the box yet, click here! 


The lenses  arrived in this tiny box through which you can already see them!


They came in these plastic cases which are so much easier to open than the usual glass bottles, yet they're just as safe!

Their design is super cute and as you can see the color is SO bright!

DIA: 14mm
Using Period: 1 year
Water Content: 38

Enlargement: 3.5/5
I have pretty small eyes so these aren't very enlarging! I would say these are great for natural looks, as well as cosplay! The black line around them make them really pop though, so they look more enlarging than they actually are!

Color: 5/5
The blue is super vibrant and can noticeable even in the darkest light! My eyes are also super dark so I wasn't expecting much, but they look really great on them! I'm absolutely in love with the color!

 Comfort: 5/5
They were super easy to put in and didn't dry out my eyes at all! I didn't wear them for that long but I'm looking forward to wearing them to cons to test that out! I'm sure they'll stay comfy though, because after putting them on I didn't feel them on my eyes again!


These lenses are amazing! I love blue lenses and these are probably the brightest blue I could find! They don't enlarge your eyes too much, so it's still a natural effect, but they would still be great for cosplay. I will most likely use them for my Alice cosplay as well! I would really recommend these!

Click HERE to get the Kawaii Box and you can use my code 'TITANIA' for 10% off!

Thank you for reading and see you next time!

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