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Hey guys! 
If you saw my unboxing video you know by now I ordered the Kawaii Box from Boxaboza and will now be doing a review of every item individually!
If you haven't seen my video, check it out! 

The box arrived in 3 days through DHL mail and that method is AWESOME for gifts or just because you don't have to worry about custom charges! It came a bit crooked, probably because the mail company didn’t handle it so well.
They were super easy to communicate with! They were really nice and their english was really good as well!


The design of the box is sooo pretty! I absolutely love it! It's different from the one on the website but I find it even cuter! 
Also, GLITTER! So much glitter! I LOVE IT!

 ♡ Gift Card
You can choose one from seven themes for the card, like Merry Christmas, Sorry, Happy Birthday, etc! I chose Love!
You can also enter your own message in the card! 
It looks super adorable and it's a really cute surprise if you're sending this box as a gift!


Cute Lens Case
This type of cases are super handy, specially for traveling! It comes with tweezers to help you pick up your lenses, a picker which is VERY helpful if you don't like using your finger to put the lenses on, a little bottle for the lenses solution and, of course the case! There is a little mirror as well!
 The design I got is sooooo cute and PINK! I love pink! I couldn't be happier!

Blink-N-Clean Eye Drops
If you have dry eyes like me this product is a blessing! Whenever your eye stings or just feels dry you can apply a couple of drops and it will feel so much better! I tried this one and it works!It comes with instructions in the behind of the box so it's super easy to use.
Also the bottle is small so it's great to always have with you!  


Mystery Gift
This is a real nice surprise, specially if you're just getting the box for yourself!
The mystery gift I got was a Winnie The Pooh ear cap for my cellphone! This looks adorable! Also.. who doesn't love Winnie the Pooh? He's a cutie (´• ω •`)


Cute Glasses Frame
This one is adorable! The glasses aren't shiny, they have a really matte effect which I love and they're great for cute, dolly looks! You can see more pictures of me wearing them in the review of the circle lenses!


These lenses are amazing! I love blue lenses and these are probably the brightest blue I could find! They don't enlarge your eyes too much, so it's still a natural effect, but they would still be great for cosplay. I will most likely use them for my Alice cosplay as well! I would really recommend these, they're also really comfy!
If you want to see the FULL review of these lenses, go here, just so this post isn't too long! 

 I couldn't be happier with what I got! I would totally recommend you to get this for yourself or for a friend who likes circle lenses and kawaii stuff because I'm sure they would love it! I can't even believe how many times I said cute already but... this is the cutest thing I ever got (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) 

You can get the Kawaii Box or any other box HERE and use my code TITANIA for a 10% off! 
Thanks for reading!

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