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Hey guys!
This time I’ll be reviewing the first costume I’ve gotten from an online cosplay store!
This costume is Belle’s blue dress, from Beauty and the Beast, and I got it from COSALL!
If you haven’t, you can check out my video review of this costume here!

It was custom made to my measurements and shipped in two weeks. It took just about a week to arrive after it was shipped.

Everything arrived well packed inside this bag with a zipper, which I though was really cool!
This included a petit coat, the “boning” pieces to assemble it, the blouse, dress, apron and the bow for the hair. I’ll go over every item individually through the review!


The petit coat gave me a bit of trouble since I couldn’t find out how to put the “boning” into it. However, I found it while I was making the video, and it was actually super easy! It ties in the back and brings out the dress when used under it. You could also use it again for other cosplays, so that’s a big plus!
I actually forgot to take pictures of the “boning” pieces, sorry about that!

The blouse is really well made and doesn’t have any unfinished seams or loose threads. It looks perfect inside, and it also has a little zipper along the side to help putting it on. It’s very comfortable but the fabric is quite thick and warm, so I’d recommend this for cold weather!

The dress is obviously my favorite piece. The color is amazing and the fabric looks great! It’s completely different from so many costumes I’ve seen online, made with cheap, poor quality fabric. It’s also well finished, apart from some lose threads around the ruffles that can easily be cut. It fits very well and can be worn with or without the petit coat underneath!

The apron is made with the same fabric as the blouse. It’s also very well made and ties in the back! There were a few lose threads on it as well, but, again, not a big deal!

The bow is made from the same fabric as the dress, which is great! It comes with a removable hairpin (not sure if that’s the right term) and it’s the perfect size!

Overall, I’m super happy with this costume! I think the price is super fair and it looks exactly like the pictures on the website! I’m in love with it and can’t wait to take some beautiful pictures as my favorite Disney princess
Cosall had a great customer support service and will answer super quickly and with perfect English! I recommend their store 200%!

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Thanks for reading!

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