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Hey guys!
Today I’m reviewing September’s Kawaii Box! This is a monthly subscription box created by Blippo Kawaii which puts together all sorts of adorable products from Korea and Japan!
 There’s also a GIVEAWAY for one of these boxes at the end of the review so scroll down to see it!


I got all my items in this adorable little box! As you can see, everything is safely packed and it included a list with what I got!

1. Pokemon Ramune Candy
Super sweet pineapple flavoured ramune candy! They have a very strong flavor and I find they don’t dissolve as fast as the other ramune candy I tried, they actually hold a lot longer! Not sure if these are vegan though. The design of the package is super cute and I’m definitely keeping it!

2. Rabi-dango Plush
Just a super adorable plushie that fits in your palm! It’s super soft and fluffy, I absolutely loved it! 

3. I Love You Purse
This is a very basic coin purse and I find it very useful when you don’t need to carry all your cards and everything around! I’ll definitely be using it and I really liked the design! I actually got it in my favorite color, pink! And it comes with a keychain which makes it even handier!

4. Happy Day Notebook Set
This set includes a little notepad, its box, a small pen and some cute stickers! It also comes with a detachable string which you can use to hang it on the wall! I find this extremely useful to write down little notes, recipes or even shopping lists! Again, I got it in pink, luckily! I’ll be using this a lot as well for sure!

5. Pastel Cupcake Pen
This was not really a pen but more of a mechanical pencil. Its design is really pretty and I think it goes great with item number 10, the Dream & Explore notebook! I actually needed a mechanical pencil since I lost my other ones, and this one is really pretty!

6. Kracie Nyokinyoki Kororon DIY Candy Kit
This was the first Diy candy kit I ever got and to be honest I really didn’t like the flavor of what I made… But it was super fun to make and I had so many laughs! I’ve always wanted to try it and it’s actually so cool to make candy yourself, even if the result doesn’t come out as expected…

7. Invisible Secret Pen Set
This took me back! I used to have one of these when I was younger and it’s a pen with invisible ink that you can see with the little flashlight that is the top! It also comes with a magnifying glass, not sure why, but why not! It’s quite fun and I tested it out and it works!


8. Harajaku Hair Loop Set
This is just a set of little elastic bands! They’re not really my style but they are really cute!

9. Diamond Deco Stickers
These are really cool if you’re into crafting and want to decorate a simple mirror or a phone case or even just your notebooks! 

10. Dream & Explore Notebook
This pastel notebook goes really well with the pen I got! On the inside it’s just a simple small notebook that you can carry around in your purse, so I find it quite useful!

11. Sweet Animal Sparkles Stickers
If you’re into stickers, you’ll love these! They have such a cute design and look so kawaii! The beads inside them are loose so they jiggle if you move them around, which makes it even cuter!

Overall I’m so happy I got this box, it was super fun to unbox it and I love the kawaii items it had!
You can purchase all these items at Blippo Kawaii Store or you can check out KawaiiBox to subscribe and get your own box!

Now as I said before I also have a GIVEAWAY for one kawaii box! You just have to follow the instructions below to apply! The more instructions you complete, the more chances you have to win!

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