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Hey guys!
I’m reviewing another wig from Wig-Supplier today!
I also recorded a small video review which you can check out below!

This is my Kim Pine wig but it’s listed for Nanami Haruka from Uta No Prince Sama. However I thought the color was perfect for Kim and cut it myself to make it the perfect size!

As usual it was a really cheap price!
Unfortunately I had to cut this wig right away because I got it the day before Comic Con so I don’t have pictures of the packaging. I do have some pictures I took before cutting it so you can see the real size!

This wig has a fair amount of hair. The fringe was long enough so you could cut it however you liked and it was really easy to style as well! The wig cap doesn’t show through and the wig is heat resistant.

The fiber is very silky and soft. It doesn’t tangle easily and it looks very natural. The wig doesn’t look as shiny and cheap as most orange wigs tend to. The hair is also a bit thicker than most of my L’email wigs’!

The color is super gorgeous and definitely the best thing about this wig. I love the orange tone they chose and it actually can change depending on the light. In natural light it looks more orange but on interiors it might look a tiny bit pinkish which I find really cool!

Overall I’m very pleased with this wig! I think it’s perfect for Kim and I have absolutely no issues with it. The price-quality relationship is really good and L’email continues, in my experience, to provide great customer support. Thank you for being so patient about this review as well!

Don’t forget to use my code “TITANIA” if you order from Wig-Supplier!

Thank you for reading!

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