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Hey guys!
I’m doing another Klenspop review today! I’ve been postponing this review because I haven’t had enough time to do it so I’m super sorry for that!

They arrived in about 3 weeks and everything was as safely packed as usual! Klenspop has a great customer service and they’re fast to reply and ship products! 

DIA: 14.5mm
Using Period: 6 months
Water Content: 38

I really wanted to try new green lenses and I loved the design of these ones, which is why I chose them in the first place.

Enlargement: 4/5
These circle lenses make my eyes look a lot larger but it’s mainly because they’re really small. It’s still a pretty natural enlargement, but it’d still work well for cosplay and dolly looks, in my opinion.
(Last photo was taken with flash.)

Color: 4/5
It’s a very dark green that doesn’t pop out too much in my dark brown eyes. However they’re still one of the most noticeable green circle lenses that I’ve tried so I’m pretty happy with them!

Comfort: 3.5/5
My eyes have a tendency to get dry and these lenses dried them up a lot, which made it difficult to put them on. Once in my eyes they didn’t really bother me, so it might have been just my experience, but I’d recommend using some lens solution if you have dried eyes like me!

I’m really happy with these lenses! I will definitely wear them either for a daily look or cosplay. I used a pretty simple make-up to go with them and I loved the result, but I think they would still work with dolly make-up! As usual, I fully recommend these lenses and am happy with them!

You can get these lenses here!

Thanks for reading guys!

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