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Hey guys!
Today I’ll be reviewing a costume and wig I got from TaobaoRing!
They’re a Taobao agent in China that helps you buy items from Taobao and other Chinese stores online!

The package arrived in a week in a half, which is really fast for an item coming from China, and thankfully I didn’t have any trouble with customs!
Everything came safely packed.

The wig included a comb (which I wasn’t expecting but is a very nice gift!) and a wig cap. It didn’t include Murano’s hair pin, but I knew that when I chose it!


The wig is a reddish brown color, much like Murano’s! It doesn’t have an amazing amount of hair, but it gets the job done. It was really cheap so, for the price, the quality is great! It’s not too small for my head, and it’s well made inside, as you can hopefully see.

I straightened it down a bit for the photos, as it was squished from the packaging, and quickly restyled it. Other than that, here it’s straight out of the bag!
I’m actually very happy with it. It’s so hard to find a good wig for Murano, and this one is spot on!

The costume included a shirt, a skirt, a jacket and a bow.
The whole costume is slightly smaller than I was hoping for, as you can probably see on the sleeves. However, it’s still wearable, so that doesn’t bother me all that much!

The shirt and skirt are simple but well made. The jacket, though, impressed me. The quality is actually really good, it includes shoulder pads and real pockets. It’s beautifully made! The one thing that went wrong was one of the buttons coming off when I was trying it on, but I sewed it back on.


It includes one extra button for the jacket and the bow has a pin on the back to be attachable to the shirt!

Overall, I’m super happy both with the costume and the service! The customer support is great, their English is really good and they will assist you fast, so I would definitely recommend TaobaoRing.com!
Thank you for reading!

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