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Hey guys!
Today I’m reviewing March’s Japan Candy Box! This is a monthly subscription box which puts together different types of Japanese candy and delivers them to your doorstep!
 There’s also a GIVEAWAY for one of these boxes and other treats at the end of the review so scroll down to see it!

I got all my treats in this box! The box itself was pretty damaged but everything inside was okay. I’m pretty sure the mailmen are to blame, as they’re not careful at all with my packages…

I’ll be showing you every item I got and reviewing them!
WARNING: Since the ingredients are in Japanese, there is no way to guarantee they don’t contain animal products, especially the gummies, since they contain gelatin. So if you don’t eat animal products, keep that in mind!

Kracie Henshin Puchitto
These gummies were really cute! They had shapes of aliens and peaches (or bums with feet) and a really nice texture! You can also play with them by separating the aliens’ “tentacles” or peaches! They had a strong taste of pink peach. This is one of my favorite treats, as I love peach and they were delicious!

Hello Kitty Lollipop
This was a strawberry flavored lollipop and it was super sweet and tasty! The packaging was really cute too!

Bandai Doraemon Gummy
These were little gummies that tasted like lemon and peach. The lemon ones were my favorite but both were really tasty! The texture was nice as well. My only disappointment was that there were only five gummies ;_;

Meiji Gummy Sushi Candy
This is one of my favorite treats! It’s a gummy kit you put together to make sushi pieces. They come in lemon, banana and apple flavor. They’re super fun to assemble and they taste really good!

Coris Whistle Candy
Not only is this a fun treat, it comes with a small gift too! It’s a grape flavored hard candy and it’s called “whistle candy” because if you blow through its hole, you’ll make a whistle sound. I found this quite cool, however I’m not a big grape fan so I personally didn’t love it.

Ginbis Tabekko Animal Biscuits
These were little biscuits with animal names and shapes. They taste like butter cookies and are great for a little snack!

Morinaga Manna Biscuits
These were biscuits that just taste like regular crackers. They’re not delicious but they’re not bad at all! They are shaped as baby faces though, which can be a little strange…

Small Tohato Caramel Corn
This snack tastes almost like… sweet cheetos. They are made with caramel, roasted peanut and corn, though I didn’t pick up any of these flavors of, just I guess a mixture of all of them. The texture is quite nice, though I don’t really like to mix sweet and sour. These were okay but not amazing in my opinion.

Coris Tsunderemon Super Sour Lemon Gum
This gum is lemon-flavored and very INTENSE. I wouldn’t say it’s super sour but it is an intense lemon taste that brought tears to my eyes! But after a couple of minutes the flavor fades and it gets pretty nice. It also makes big bubbles!

Kracie Popin' Cookin' Pudding Flan Parfait DIY KIT
This Popin Cookin’ kit allowed you to make your own pudding flan! It comes with instructions in the back of the box and even though they’re in Japanese, the images aren’t too hard to follow! I personally don’t like pudding, so this is probably my least favorite item. It’s still really fun to put it together though!

Overall I’m so happy with everything I got! I would 100% recommend Japan Candy Box if you’re interested in trying Japanese candy! Their costumer support service is amazing, their English is great and they’re very trustworthy!

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