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Hey guys!
Today I’ll review a wig from Wig-Supplier!
This is my second time reviewing a L’email wig and I also made a little unboxing video which you can watch below!

This wig is specially designed and styled for Ariel from little mermaid and when I got it it cost 13.17$, but now it’s only 9.22$! They are having crazy sales!

They also sell cosplay costumes, lolita dresses, summer dresses and a whole lot of stuff besides wigs.

So, as you probably saw on the video this is how the wig arrived. It came safely packed, and included a wig cap.

 I love the color of this wig! It looks a bit darker than the pictures in the website and it’s a really warm red. It looks great for Ariel and I couldn’t ask for better.

It’s not too tight, it doesn’t hurt my head and the fiber is very soft! Sometimes long wigs get heavy and uncomfortable but this one wasn’t the case.

I wish the wig had a little more fiber but you won’t get a wig this great anywhere for the same price! It’s heat-resistant, and not really shinny in natural light. It looks like a 20+$ wig at least.

It did tangle a little bit but I didn’t try brushing it, because I didn’t want to ruin the curls. I wish the styling was a bit better because the fringe looks a big rough but I’m probably just being picky.

As for communication, Wig-supplier were super fast to reply and easy to talk to! I always like to mention customer support because I feel like it’s important and theirs were really good!

Overall, I’m super happy about this wig! It’s definitely worth the price and if you’re looking for wigs on a low budget I deeply recommend L’email! Their wigs are ridiculously cheap for their quality and what you see is what you will get, unlike sellers on eBay or Aliexpress who steal pictures and send a completely different product.

You can get this wig here!

 Thank you for reading guys!

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